Carel: The Saga

Hervé Plumet

In 2015, Carel revealed a new campaign signed by Hervé Plumet, with a impertinent and mischievous tone going against the current flow in a very “new wave” style. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, women who read are always a bit mysterious, attractive…”.

The masculine voiceover from Carel’s latest movie sets the tone, resolutely inspired by the “new wave”. A 1960s atmosphere, where the long-winded text accompanies sketches showing a woman manifestly more interested in reading her book than in the advances of this very “truffaldian” suitor. This one-minute web spot, developed in fifteen-second formats for the movie theatres, is completed with a press campaign and billposting that combine elegant visuals and catchphrases inspired by the tone of the movie. He points out his stance while openly playing the mind card.rit.




1688592659_CAREL 2




Herve Plumet pour carel

Carole Bellaiche

In 1998, Carole Bellaiche joined the Sygma press agency and strung together orders for media and advertisements: Carel, Hôtel Pullman, Hôtel Grand Mercure, CD covers for the Modigliani Quatuor, Lidija and Sanja Bizjak, Boris Berezovsky, Adam Laloum, etc.

Carole Bellaiche favours black and white, “plasticly magnificent, for its magic and timelessness”, and “natural light for its transparency, its breadth and its truth”.

Carole Bellaiche pour Carel

Carole Bellaiche pour Carel

Carole Bellaiche pour Carel

Jeanloup Sieff

A great photographer famous for his portraits and his nudes, he captured Carel’s essence in the 1960s. The result is a balance between seduction and restraint. Thanks to this very successful campaign, the photographer managed to set Carel in the Parisian landscape.




1981 jeanloup-sieff-carel-paris


Sieff 1981